Are you over 18?


How the hell did this happen?

Yeah, it sometimes comes as a surprise to us too. But you’d better get used to it, as we don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

Our origin story

Founded by Rob Wintrip, Wintrip Brew Co is a result of years of learning the craft of brewing, alongside a lifetime of bad jokes and cuddles that last a bit too long.  Initially known as Three Shires Brewery, the business rebranded as Wintrip Brew Co in 2017 and, alongside the launch of the Oil Basin Brewhouse, has quickly become a go-to for all beer lovers and bad taste jokers in the Worcester area.

Rob Witrip

Doing shit properly.

We love brewing beer. More than that, we love brewing really good beer.  Yes, we may be known for sexual innuendo and playing fast and loose with jokes about your mum, but we do take some things seriously.


Rob Witrip

Getting all touchy-feely.

We like getting stuck in and getting our hands dirty – especially when we’re brewing. We want to experiment and make interesting and fun beers.

In setting up the brewpub we are able to mix the day to day requirements of having a core beer range with the ability to create new speciality brews which can be tested and served in the pub straight away, exactly as it should be.

Rob Witrip

Sharing the load.

We’re super proud of the beers that we’ve created, but we know that they won’t be for everybody. Some people are just too delicate and others don’t like that taste in their mouths.

If this is you, then don’t stress, you’ll always find a great selection of beers from other breweries as well as wines, spirits and soft drinks for those of you who aren’t beer people. So whatever tickles your pickle, we’re confident we’ll have something for you.

View our core range of beers

We’ve nearly always got one of these tasty brews on offer in the pub. Come and check out which you think is gonna float your boat.

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